Today at 10:30 local time the 3S lift of superlatives is opened

Today at 10:30 local time (CET -9h) the record-setting ropeway 'Peak 2 Peak' will be opened in Whistler Mountain, Canada. With an overall length of 4,400 m, a rope span of more than 3,024 m and a maximum ground clearance of 436 m the 3S lift connects Whistler Mountain with Blackcomb Mountain. Whistler Mountain is one of the biggest and best-known skiing regions in North America and will be the venue of the Olympic Winter Games of 2010.
18 months upon digging the first turf, this spectacular project is now started up and the opening can be followed via a webcast under

The 'Peak 2 Peak Gondola' is a 3S lift and connects the two skiing spots Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain. With a maximum travel speed of 7.5 m/s (= 27 km/h) the lift crosses the Fitzsimmons Valley in no more than 11 min. Thanks to the connection, skiers can now enjoy both skiing locations in one day which was hardly realizable until now.

With an overall length of 4,400 m, a record-setting rope span (without towers) of 3,024 m and a maximum ground clearance of 436 m the 'Peak 2 Peak Gondola' breaks all records set so far for this type of ropeway.

Up to 2,050 passengers can be transported per hour and direction with the 28 cabins. Each of the cabins can take up to 28 passengers (24 of them sitting and 4 standing up) and offers the passenger an unforgettable travel experience. As a special feature, two cabins were equipped with a glass floor – for the ultimate view down into the valley.

A total of four towers between 35 and 65 m of height carry the two track ropes and the haul rope. The overall length of the haul rope is of 8.85 km and the ropes have an overall weight of approximately 416 t.

Another special feature is the radar-based anti-collision system that was installed for helicopters and airplanes. If a helicopter or a plane approaches the lift, blinking stroboscopic lights are switched on first. Then a warning is issued via all radio frequencies.

3S lifts
3S lifts are a combination of a gondola and a reversible aerial ropeway. They are detachable uni-directional ropeways with two track ropes and a haul rope. The systems are characterized by their high wind stability, the low energy consumption and the possibility of realizing very long rope spans. The Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group is the only ropeway manufacturer in the world to have realized this system. Further examples are the lifts in Val d’Isere in France and Kitzbühel in Austria.

Technical specifications for the 3S lift 'Peak 2 Peak':


Lift system

3S lift

Overall length

4,400 m


2,050 PPHD


7.5 m/s

Travel time

11 min

No. of cabins

28 for 28 passengers each

No. of towers

4 (35 – 65 m high)

Longest rope span

3,024 m

Max. ground clearance

436 m

Total weight of ropes

416 t

Length of haul rope

8,850 m

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