In Norway, the modernized Fløibanen funicular offers passengers a comfortable and barrier-free ride up Bergen’s local mountain at an elevation of 320 meters. Garaventa took less than seven months to bring Norway’s only funicular up to the state of the art.


The Fløibanen funicular in Bergen has been in service since 1918 and is very popular with local residents and tourists. It brings its guests from the bottom terminal in the heart of Bergen up to the top of Mount Fløyen in seven minutes. Here, visitors get to enjoy a breathtaking view of the port city and the surrounding fjord and mountain landscape. Following upgrades in 1954, 1974 and 2002, this year saw another major milestone in the funicular’s history. The specialists from Garaventa AG completed a thorough modernization of the installation over the last seven months.


Comfortable trip for all guests
The operating company Fløyen AS attached great importance to barrier-free design with this modernization. All entrances are disabled-friendly and enable all passengers to travel in comfort, including those with baby strollers or wheelchairs. The funicular line was extended by five meters to make access to the viewing platform possible without having to climb stairs.


Capacity increase and panorama windows
The funicular stops at three intermediate stations along the line between Bergen and Fløyen. For this reason, it is also a popular means of public transport for commuters. The boom in cruise tourism in recent years led to a constant increase in passenger volumes. In order to avoid waiting times, Fløyen AS decided to increase the capacity of the funicular. The new vehicles provide space for 120 rather than the previous 100 passengers. The cars made by CWA Constructions SA/Corp. sport a vibrant finish in the traditional red and blue. Thanks to the glass roof, passengers can enjoy vistas of Bergen’s surroundings during the trip. In addition, the travel speed has been increased from six to seven meters per second. This means that, when required, the funicular can do a through trip from Bergen to Fløyen in 173 seconds. Following these measures, the Fløibanen now ranks among the most modern and high-performance funiculars in Europe.



120-FUL Fløibanen, Bergen, Norway

Customer: Fløybanen AS
Inclined length: 847 m
Vertical rise: 302 m
Capacity: 1,530 passengers per hour and direction
Operating Speed: 7.0 m/s
Number of stations: 5
Opened: April 2022




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Copyright: Fløybanen AS



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