For 31 new apprentices, September 2, 2019, marked the start of their training with the world market leader in ropeway construction. The Doppelmayr apprentices can look forward to working on exciting projects and contracts. Ropeways operate all over the world. The hi-tech components, individually manufactured large parts and precision-made safety elements for these installations come from the Hohe Brücke plant in Wolfurt, where the Doppelmayr apprentice workshop is also located. During their first week, the apprentices have already familiarized themselves with their workplaces and gained initial impressions of their metalworking or electrical trades.


Doppelmayr ropeways carry people at different places around the globe, no matter whether it’s South American cities, Asian tourist destinations or the classic ski resorts in the European Alps. They ensure mobility and fun at the same time. Efficient, high-capacity ropeway systems from Doppelmayr are also used in the field of material transport. All this is made possible by highly qualified employees, many of whom have acquired their skills in an apprenticeship. This year saw 31 youngsters – 28 boys and three girls – begin their training on September 2, taking the total number of apprentices being trained by the company in Wolfurt to 116.


The apprenticeships offered at Doppelmayr cover the trades required for building ropeways: steel construction, electrical engineering, mechatronics, machining engineering, mechanical engineering and information technology. The work is very varied. Machining engineering involves cutting material – mostly steel – on different turning and milling machines, which will subsequently be assembled to form high-performance means of transport. In their first year, the apprentices start off their basic training and learn the skillful use of the file and the saw before they go on to learn how to operate CNC machines – they use ultramodern, computer-based control technology to produce high-precision and complex shapes. The production shop at Doppelmayr in Wolfurt was only recently expanded and two new machines purchased for handling large parts. These illustrate the spectacular dimensions of ropeway construction.


The electrical and control technology on ropeway installations calls for systems and industrial engineering technicians. As well as basic electrical engineering, the apprentices learn how to create circuit diagrams and control programs as well as how to wire control cabinets during their training. The mechatronics technicians learn how mechanics, electronics and information technology interact in the field of automation technology.


The daily work of the steel construction technician focuses on welded joints and complex steel constructions, weighing tons in some cases, which are destined for locations all over the world. The mechanical engineering technician assembles different mechanical equipment units.


Every three years, Doppelmayr offers an apprenticeship in information technology, which was again filled this year. Configuring the computers and peripheral equipment used to plan and design ropeways as well as to control machines in production is one of the tasks performed by the IT technician.


Next year, Doppelmayr will again be recruiting apprentices. Anyone who is interested should contact the apprentices’ department by phoning +43 5574 604 1052 or by mailing to Job taster days will be taking place at Doppelmayr for ninth-grade school students from mid-January to the end of March 2020. To take part, register online now through the Doppelmayr apprentices’ website:



Apprenticeships at Doppelmayr

  • Metal engineering
    • Steel construction engineering
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Machining engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Electrical engineering
    • Systems and industrial engineering



Total of 116 apprentices at Doppelmayr in Wolfurt (status September 2019)

  • 11 female apprentices
  • 105 male apprentices




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