The inauguration of the new funicular railway known as the Rumeli Hisarüstü–Aşiyan Füniküler marks the completion of the one of the most important transport projects for the city of Istanbul. The funicular is an integral part of the public transport network and links the Technical University with the Bosporus.


In Istanbul, a new Garaventa funicular is expanding the city’s transport offer and thus creates an important contribution to connecting Istanbul's Asian and European sides of the city. The almost 750-meter-long Rumeli Hisarüstü–Aşiyan Füniküler brings passengers from the the Bosporus to the Technical University direct in 2.5 minutes. Here, passengers can conveniently transfer to the Metro to the city centre. For Istanbul, this is already the second urban funicular from Garaventa. Following the opening of the Taksim–Kabatas installation in 2006, the city again placed its trust in the expertise of the Swiss ropeway manufacturer when it came to building the new funicular. “With the completion of this underground funicular railway to the Bosporus, we have achieved another major milestone in public transport,” says Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu.


Barrier-free from the University to the Bosporus
The new funicular is fully integrated into the public transport network and access is barrier-free for everyone. The entire line runs underground. The cars, which sport a sea-blue finish, provide space for 200 people and carry up to 3,150 passengers per hour and direction. The lower terminal at the Bosporus is below sea level. A ferry connection to the Asian side of the city is situated nearby. Garaventa sales manager Marcel Nussbaumer was present at the opening ceremony and is delighted with a successful project: “The ‘füniküler’ makes life a lot easier for people. This project highlights how seamlessly a ropeway can be integrated into a city’s existing transport network.”


Tunneled funicular in the urban environment
High availability is a must for integrating the funicular into the public transport network. The installation has therefore been equipped with a double drive and an emergency drive, CCTV, audio systems, an intercom system in the cars, and automatic platform doors. Electricity is supplied via a power line along the entire route, which ensures that the lighting, ventilation and air-conditioning in the cars is powered both in the stations and on the line.



200-FUL Rumeli Hisarüstü–Aşiyan Füniküler, Istanbul

Inclined length: 747 m
Vertical rise: 82 m
Capacity: 3,150 passengers per hour
Operating Speed: 10.0 m/s
Opened: 10/2022



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