Swiss cabin manufacturer CWA has taken its international bestseller to the next generation with the OMEGA V. The new cabin features the unmistakable OMEGA shape which merges seamlessly with any of its surroundings. The cabin has been completely redeveloped while retaining the core values of a true OMEGA. Its design has been well thought out all the way through to the smallest detail and perfectly tuned to the Doppelmayr D-Line.

The future passengers were placed at the center of the development process for the OMEGA V. Their needs and expectations had a major influence on the cabin’s construction and design. The requirements of ropeway operators are also reflected in the end result. With the OMEGA V, they get a cabin in lightweight aluminum with a long service life that is consistently modular in design. This modularity and the low self-weight leave plenty of scope for options allowing the OMEGA V to suit their purposes either when purchased or at a later date.

At the same time CWA contributes with the OMEGA V a new cabin to the overall ropeway system that incorporates all the quintessential features of the Doppelmayr D-Line. It provides top ride comfort – starting with the harmonious shape and easy boarding all the way through to the ergonomic individual seats and the sophisticated ventilation concept. The suspension as visible connection to the ropeway system has been visually integrated into the cabin’s roof.

The cabin doors open to a width of 900 mm, allowing passengers to board without obstruction. Electromechanical doors are also available as a new option for the OMEGA V. They offer new possibilities in terms of electronic monitoring, reversing and preventive maintenance.

The cabin interior has been redesigned with the aim of ensuring the best possible views for the passengers. In the course of this process, the bumpers were incorporated into the cabin body and the seat, seat back and hand rail optimized in a way to guarantee maximum visibility. Well-conceived ventilation concepts with fresh air supply and the sound-absorbing ceiling provide the OMEGA V with a completely new ambience and comfort inside. To accommodate a wide range of climatic conditions, active ventilation and air conditioning are available as options. With its refined lighting concept, a night ride in the OMEGA V makes for a memorable experience.

The continuous ceiling is sound-absorbing and at the same time a low-vibration cover for the installation space incorporating the various options for power supply, ventilation, air conditioning and infotainment. This makes it readily accessible for the operator and consequently very maintenance-friendly.

Providing for an all-the-year operation and its specific requirements, various options for carrying sports equipment are available. The ski racks on the OMEGA V have been optimized in terms of ergonomics and sound damping and a user-friendly bike rack is available for transporting bicycles inside the cabin.

There are good reasons why the OMEGA style icon is the world’s most popular cabin for continuous-movement ropeways. Since its first introduction on the market in 1983, it has been produced more than 50,000 times. Even in its fifth generation, its timeless design language and, from a ropeway engineering perspective, ideal contours are captivating. Equipped with the corresponding selection of options, the OMEGA V can be used for winter or summer operation, for rides to points of interest or for urban public transportation. Its long service life and modular design ensure that it is always a safe investment in the future.

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