It was “welcome to Doppelmayr” for 36 new apprentices on September 1, 2020. The ropeway experts of the future will be undergoing vocational training in the areas of steel construction, electrical engineering, mechatronics, machining engineering and mechanical engineering. All these disciplines are what it takes to build cutting-edge, reliable and comfortable ropeways for the whole world.


The first day was entirely dedicated to getting to know one another. Following the welcome address from the instructor and management teams at the offices in Hohe Brücke, the new Doppelmayr apprentices had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their new workplaces.


The training in steel construction, electrical engineering, mechatronics, machining engineering and mechanical engineering covers everything required to build ropeways. The youngsters will learn basic knowledge and the skillful use of the file and the saw before they go on to learn how to operate CNC machines – the machine tools that use ultramodern, computer-based control technology to produce high-precision and complex shapes. Steel structures weighing in some cases tons are created in the steel construction department, while the electrical workshop focuses on the electrical equipment and control technology for ropeways. As part of their training, the apprentices will get to collaborate on spectacular international ropeway contracts.


The training program at Doppelmayr is based on a rotation system, where apprentices get to know different departments and sections, enabling them to find out where their strengths lie, where they can make optimal use of their skills and what they like doing.


“We’re proud of our apprentices. They are our skilled workers and managers of tomorrow and, with their knowledge and commitment, ensure the future success of our organization,” says Gerhard Gassner, managing director of Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH. As of September 2020, the company will be training 124 apprentices in Wolfurt.


Doppelmayr ropeways carry people at different places around the globe, no matter whether it’s South American cities, Asian tourist destinations or the classic ski resorts in the European Alps. They ensure mobility and fun at the same time. Efficient, high-capacity ropeway systems from Doppelmayr are also used in the field of material transport. All this is made possible by highly qualified employees, many of whom have acquired their skills in an apprenticeship.


Doppelmayr will again be taking on apprentices for next year. Anyone interested in starting their training with Doppelmayr can contact the apprentice training department by telephone on +43 5574 604 525 or by email: Job taster days for ninth-grade school students will be taking place at Doppelmayr between the beginning of December and the end of March 2020. To take part, register online through the Doppelmayr apprentices’ website:



Apprenticeships at Doppelmayr

  • Metal engineering
    • Steel construction engineering
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Machining engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Electrical engineering
    • Systems and industrial engineering



Total of 124 apprentices at Doppelmayr in Wolfurt (status September 2020)

  • 9 female apprentices
  • 115 male apprentices




Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH

Julia Schwärzler

Marketing and Public Relations
Konrad-Doppelmayr-Straße 1, Postfach 20
6922 Wolfurt, Austria
T +43 5574 604 227



Andrea Rambach

Deputy Training Manager
Konrad-Doppelmayr-Straße 1, Postfach 20
6922 Wolfurt, Austria
Tel. +43 5574 604 525