3S installation also transports cars in case of emergency

After Doppelmayr recently was able to announce the order for a major project in Sochi, a new and even bigger order for the Olympic region was placed now. By order of Olympstroy (governmental organization for Sochi 2014), Doppelmayr will build a 3S installation with two sections from Krasnaya Polyana to the skiing area Rosa Khutor where the alpine competitions of the Winter Olympics 2014 will take place. World novelty and spectacular feature: The installation is designed in such way that it can also transport cars. Furthermore, this installation of superlatives is the most efficient ropeway in the world with a transport capacity of 4,500 passengers per hour and direction. The start of the building works is scheduled for 2011 and the completion and start-up are planned to take place in 2013.


After being awarded the contract for the longest 3S installation in the world in Sochi, Doppelmayr was able to bring a new project of superlatives for the Olympic region to Wolfurt. With an hourly capacity of 4,500 passengers per direction, this installation built by Doppelmayr will be the most efficient ropeway worldwide. The 3S installation will lead from Krasnaya Polyana to the Rosa Khutor Olympic Village (first section) and on to the so-called Rosa Khutor Finish Zone (second section). In Rosa Khutor, the alpine competitions of the Olympic Games of Sochi will be held.


Besides its function as access lift to the skiing regions and the Olympic village, the installation is also an integrated and indispensable element of the Olympic transport logistics. In case a road leading to the skiing area or the Olympic village is not passable, the 3S ropeway serves as the "back-up system" the IOC requires. Therefore, the ropeway design allows the transportation of cars and enables switching from passenger to car transport within a short time.


The world's first 3S installation with two sections has an overall length of 3,100 m and overcomes a rise in height of 700 m within 10 minutes. 53 cabins are provided for the transport of passengers and 25 special carriers are available for the transportation of cars.


In the awarding of the contract by Olympstroy (governmental organization for Sochi 2014), Doppelmayr convinced with their profound know-how in ropeway technology, their high quality standards, their often proved implementation competence and not least with their worldwide experience with major projects. Regarding the order sum, the contractual partners agreed to maintain silence.


The ground-breaking ceremony on site will be held in 2011. The planning and construction works within the Doppelmayr Group have already started. The completion and the start-up of the installation are scheduled for 2013.


The 3S system

3S installations (3S meaning tricable) combine the benefits of a gondola with those of a reversible aerial ropeway. 3S ropeways are detachable aerial ropeways with two track ropes and a haul rope. These ropeways are characterized by very high wind stability, low energy consumption and the capability to cope with very long rope spans. Doppelmayr/Garaventa already has realized a number of spectacular 3S projects, such as the Peak 2 Peak gondola in Whistler Mountain or the new Gaislachkogl lift in Sölden.


Fact box: 3S installation "Olympic Village":
Contractor Doppelmayr Group  

Olympstroy (governmental organization for the Winter Olympics Sochi 2014)

Ropeway system Tricable installation  
  Section 1 Section 2
Inclined length 1,690 m 1,410 m
Capacity 4,500 PPH and direction 4,500 PPH and direction

Travel time

5.5 min 4.9 min
Number of cabins for passengers 28 for 30 passengers each 25 for 30 passengers each
Number of carriers for cars


Number of towers 3 3



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