Doppelmayr’s brand new office building has been completed. Following a construction period of two and one-half years, the official opening ceremony took place on Saturday, June 10, 2017, in the presence of Provincial Governor Markus Wallner, Deputy Governor Karlheinz Rüdisser and Mayor Christian Natter, and was attended by all employees and their families. The new building marks a major milestone for the company.


Doppelmayr has enjoyed strong development since it was founded in 1893. The number of employees has grown continuously, creating a constant need for more office space. As a consequence, the company was until recently split between different sites in Wolfurt as well as various buildings in Rickenbach. In 2013, the decision was taken to invest in a new office building. The groundbreaking ceremony was held at the end of 2014. Now, barely two and one-half years later, the Hohe Brücke office officially opened on June 10, 2017. It is no coincidence that the new building is immediately next door to the Hohe Brücke plant, which is the Doppelmayr Group’s biggest production facility. Some 450 employees have moved into the modern office building. Refocusing the various strands of the organization in one place will simplify internal processes and further optimize communications. Michael Doppelmayr sees the new building as an opportunity: “Our new headquarter is an attractive exterior which we shall fill with our passion for ropeways, with decades of experience and expertise, and with our unconditional goal of delivering peak performance for our customers worldwide.”


At the official opening ceremony, Provincial Governor Markus Wallner and Deputy Governor Karlheinz Rüdisser both spoke of an investment in the future, which does justice to Doppelmayr’s standing in the international arena. Wallner went on to say that the impressive new building not only fulfills the highest aspirations in terms of its design, but “above all will benefit the company’s competent and dedicated employees who can now enjoy the advantages of cutting-edge building technology”. The Governor also underlined the fact that this project had provided a huge boost for region’s economy in view of the many local contractors involved in the construction work. Furthermore, Wallner sees Doppelmayr’s clear commitment to investing in Vorarlberg and the people who live here as confirmation of the quality of the location, “which the provincial government constantly strives to strengthen in all areas”. The Provincial Governor also made a point of praising Doppelmayr for its commitment as an apprenticeship employer. “Highly qualified employees provide the foundation for Vorarlberg’s top competitive position,” said Wallner.


The new site in the Hohe Brücke industrial park is ideal. It is readily accessible from the highway for motorists and also convenient to reach for cyclists. The local bus company has adapted the routes of its lines 11, 13 and 37 to accommodate the new situation, ensuring an optimal service for all employees who use public transport for the commute to and from work.





Facts & Figures on Doppelmayr’s Office Building in Hohe Brücke, Wolfurt




Doppelmayr Immobilien GmbH


AllesWirdGut Architektur ZT GmbH, Vienna


Konrad-Doppelmayr-Straße 1, Wolfurt

Land area

approx. 8,000 m²

Gross floor area

approx. 27,000 m²


Basement, ground floor, 5 upper stories


625 modern workplaces

Initial occupation

450 employees

Investment volume

approx. EUR 55 million

Groundbreaking ceremony

December 15, 2014

Opening ceremony

June 10, 2017





Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH

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