Perfection as far as the eye can see: The new, luxurious Wynn Palace casino resort in Cotai, Macau, opened its doors on August 22, 2016. Among the resort’s amenities is an Austrian highlight that is attracting a lot of attention: a ropeway that brings guests to the sumptuous casino and hotel. And it was Doppelmayr who enabled this idea to become reality. The unique, air-conditioned Sky Cabs offer top comfort and an awe-inspiring view from a height of up to 30 meters, making the ride to the hotel and casino around the 3.25-hectare Performance Lake an exciting experience.


The Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group realized a ropeway of superlatives. The detachable gondola lift with 6-passenger cabins brings guests into the heart of the Wynn resort. One of the stand-out features of the ropeway is its unusual layout, which has never been done before: The circular route runs around the 3.25-hectare Performance Lake of Wynn Palace, which features breathtaking fountain shows. Needless to say, the musical accompaniment is played directly into the cabins and, together with the view of the spectacle from a height of up to 30 meters, makes for a perfect trip. In addition, the cabins are fitted with air-conditioning, LED night illumination, a communication system and CCTV to ensure top security and optimal comfort. Special highlights of the lift installation include the two dragon towers. The golden dragons function as ropeway towers and act as a symbol of good luck for guests visiting the casino.


Custom tower structures with deflection bullwheels enable the cabins to travel along a curve and consequently make the alignment around the lake possible. The noise and vibration concept for the towers and stations is a completely new development that ensures a particularly smooth ride and quiet operation. This makes a major contribution to enabling visitors to enjoy a pleasant and undisturbed visit to the hotel and casino.


For the next five years, the technical operations management of the Wynn Palace Sky Cab will be the responsibility of Doppelmayr Macau Ltda, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Doppelmayr Group. The entire team did an excellent job on the implementation of this major project. The impressive results speak for themselves. It has been agreed not to disclose the investment sum.


The Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group

The Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group is quality leader in the ropeway sector. As ropeway technology leader, Doppelmayr has achieved many world firsts and set the milestones in modern ropeway engineering. The Group has production sites as well as sales and service subsidiaries in 40 countries around the globe and to date has completed over 14,700 ropeway systems for customers in over 90 countries.



Fact box: 6-MGD Wynn Palace Sky Cab



Wynn Design & Development


Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH


Cotai, Macau

Ropeway system

Detachable gondola lift

Inclined length

685 m



Towers with deflection bullwheels


Transport capacity

1,200 passengers per hour

Carrier capacity

6 passengers


1.7 m/s (6.12 km/h)

Trip time

Approx.10 minutes for one circuit





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