At Sheremetyevo International Airport in the Russian capital, Moscow, a fully automated, rope-propelled transport system supplied by Doppelmayr recently went into service as a link between the northern and southern terminals. The Cable Liner, which is made by Doppelmayr Cable Car GmbH & Co KG, is exceptional in many respects. It is Russia’s first Cable Liner and marks the first time that the Doppelmayr system has run entirely underground. For the World Cup 2018, the Cable Liner is currently making a vital contribution by providing a comfortable means of transport for guests.


Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow is a central hub for national and international flight passengers. Since June 2018, it has boasted a new ultramodern means of transport connecting the northern and southern terminals: a fully automated Cable Liner from Doppelmayr, which yet again demonstrates the performance, innovation and reliability of the global market leader. The Sheremetyevo Cable Liner highlights the possibilities this system has to offer for urban applications. The entire two-kilometer route runs in an underground tunnel. The construction work was carried out while airport operations continued as usual. These conditions were exceptional for all the contactors involved with construction. The professional collaboration and perfect coordination between national and international partners in the project were instrumental in ensuring the success of this new installation.


Top comfort for travelers

A travel speed of 14 m/s (or 50.4 km/h) guarantees a fast connection of roughly three minutes and a particularly convenient transfer within the airport complex. The flows of arriving and departing passengers are handled smoothly thanks to a separation of the different zones in the Cable Liner, which ensures a very pleasant travel experience for air passengers. The system operates around the clock, 365 days a year. Doppelmayr Cable Car will be in charge of operations for the next 15 years. This task is currently being performed by a professional team from the Russian subsidiary Doppelmayr Services in collaboration with Doppelmayr Russia Ltd.


Perfect preparation for the World Cup

Russia is hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which is taking place at eleven venues in the country between June 14 and July 15. The Cable Liner ensures that Sheremetyevo International Airport is perfectly equipped to handle the large numbers of football fans and travelers. With this means of transport in particular, guests can look forward to first-class traveling comfort, top service and optimal transfers.



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Sheremetyevo Interterminal Passage


OOO Doppelmayr Russia in collaboration withDoppelmayr Cable Car GmbH & Co KG


Cable Liner® Double Shuttle

System length

2,035 m



System capacity

1,680 passengers per hour and direction


2 trains, each consisting of 4 cars

Train capacity

108 passengers

Car capacity

19 standing and 8 seated passengers = 27 total


14 m/s (50.4 km/h)

Trip time

195 s (terminal to terminal)

Dwell time in stations

30 s

System availability


Operation & maintenance

OOO Doppelmayr Services for 15 years.


May 2018





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