Today, Doppelmayr and the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT) have signed a memorandum of understanding to address global mobility challenges. The partners share the view that mobility is a key to urban development. Infrastructure for mobility is one of the elements that shapes our cities - together with buildings and open spaces.


By joining UN-Habitat’s advocacy and partnership platform, the World Urban Campaign (WUC), as a Sponsoring Partner, and partnering with the Urban Basic Services Branch of UN-Habitat, Doppelmayr aims to focus on current and future transport challenges in cities worldwide. Doppelmayr believes that Urban Cable Cars will play an increasing role for urban transport, and as the leader in the cable propelled transport industry, Doppelmayr is excited to share knowledge, exchange and develop new ideas.



As quality, technology and market leader in ropeway engineering, Doppelmayr/Garaventa operates production plants as well as sales and service centers in over 35 countries worldwide. To date, the Group has built more than 14,700 installations for customers in 90 nations.

The innovative cable car systems from Doppelmayr offer a host of benefits in the urban environment. They cross residential areas, rivers and existing infrastructure with ease and glide over every traffic hindrance. As well as lending themselves perfectly to integration into urban planning concepts, cable car solutions offer infinite scope for creativity. Structures and equipment can be individually designed to cater for cultures, local circumstances and customer preferences. Passengers enjoy entirely new perspectives of the cityscape, top comfort and rapid connections while using the safest means of transport in existence.

Barrier-free boarding and alighting make cable cars a positive experience for wheelchair users as well as passengers with strollers or bicycles. Environmentally friendly and efficient at the same time, cable car systems provide an impressive answer to present and future traffic problems, and create added value for any city.


Doppelmayr contact information

Ekkehard Assmann

Head of Marketing and Public Relations

Rickenbacherstr. 8-10

6922 Wolfurt Austria




UN-Habitat & Basic Urban Services

UN-Habitat is the United Nations Human Settlements Programme working towards a better urban future. Its mission is to promote socially and environmentally sustainable human settlements development and the achievement of adequate shelter for all. To help address the mobility challenge, UN-Habitat‘s Urban Basic Services Branch provides policy and technical support to partner countries and local authorities in the areas of water, sanitation, waste management, mobility, and energy. Emphasis is placed on equitable access to these urban basic services, especially for the poor. The branch promotes the development of clean, energy efficient, affordable, and human-centered cities that can deliver better services to their citizens, while at the same time making the most effective use of natural resources and cutting down on fossil fuel reliance and energy consumption. Finally, the Mobility Unit offers a comprehensive package of knowledge, advocacy, and technical assistance to the development and implementation of sustainable urban mobility plans and investment strategies. 


World Urban Campaign (WUC)

The goal of UN-Habitat’s advocacy and partnership platform is to place the Urban Agenda at the highest level in development policies. It is coordinated by UN-Habitat and driven by a large number of urban stakeholders - currently more than 160 partners and networks - from around the world. It is governed by a Steering Committee, composed of UN-Habitat partner organizations, and acts as an advisory body to UN-Habitat's Executive Director Dr. Joan Clos. Learn more about the Urban Thinkers platform here: