Garaventa and the tourist destination Henan Baoquan Tourism Co., Ltd. have jointly opened up access to Baoquan’s striking hillside for tourists. Up to now, this area could only be reached by a long hike. Since December 2021, China’s biggest reversible aerial tramway has been bringing visitors by the shortest route to the popular Baoquan Cliff Walk and waterfall arena.


The Baoquan region in Henan Province, with its famous national forest reserve, the red rock canyons of the Taihang mountain range and its majestic waterfalls, is a particularly appealing destination for visitors. A new aerial tramway creates a fast and comfortable connection to Baoquan’s striking hillside. It is part of a tourism development project for the region and has been instrumental in boosting the attractiveness for guests.


Spectacular views
The two elegant CWA cabins with a capacity of 162 passengers are eye-catchers and provide entirely unique vistas thanks to a glass floor element. During the trip, passengers cross the Upper and Lower Baoquan Reservoirs that serve a pumped-storage power station. At the upper terminal, an unforgettable panoramic view of the reservoirs awaits. From here, guests have the option of walking along a ridgeway path to the popular Cliff Walk and then descending to the waterfall landscape of Baoquan in a panoramic elevator.



162-ATW Baoquan, Henan Province, China

Customer: Henan Baoquan Tourism Co., Ltd.
Inclined length: 1.100 m
Vertical rise: 334 m
Capacity: 2,048 passengers per hour
Operating Speed: 10.0 m/s
Opened: 12/2021



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