The Doppelmayr Group closes a financial year that saw a host of innovations. In comparison with the previous year, sales revenues for 2016/2017 showed a slight drop of 4%, but at 801 million euros nonetheless remained at a high level. Numerous projects and developments were pioneering in the ropeway sector and confirm the Doppelmayr Group’s position as market leader. Alongside the market launch of a new ropeway control system and market penetration with the D-Line, milestones achieved during the last financial year include other projects boasting world records and world firsts. In order to implement these as well as future projects, the Doppelmayr Group has created almost 50 new jobs worldwide, 38 of them in Austria alone. Another milestone was the completion of the new office in Hohe Brücke, Wolfurt, which 450 employees moved into in June 2017. Doppelmayr is currently looking to recruit some 50 new employees worldwide across a broad range of areas. 


106 ropeway projects for 84 customers testify to the Doppelmayr Group’s pole position in the world market. In the 2016/2017 financial year, winter tourism was once again clearly shown to be the strongest market for the Group’s ropeway installations. Summer tourism ropeways serving points of interest (POIs) are particularly popular in the Asian region. The exceptional installations in Vietnam, Macau and South Korea are typical examples. In South America, ropeways provide an impressive means of public transport in the urban environment. Projects in Bolivia and Colombia are currently under construction. In the material transport sector, the RopeCon is able to demonstrate its performance capabilities time and again – whether it is in Mexico, Switzerland, or the latest installations in Guatemala and South Africa.


The D-Line impresses

The market launch of the next ropeway generation, D-Line, was a resounding success. Another seven gondola lifts were completed to the customers’ complete satisfaction. These also included a new world record: The Giggijoch lift in Sölden is currently the continuous-movement monocable gondola with the highest capacity worldwide at 4,500 passengers per hour and direction. During the last financial year, Doppelmayr completed the first D-Line chairlift. The Waidoffen 6-seater chairlift sets a new benchmark in the industry as it is also the first to be equipped with the latest ropeway control system, Doppelmayr Connect.


Olympic Games trust in Doppelmayr

It is not long to go until the next Winter Olympics. A total of 22 Doppelmayr ropeways will be operating at the four alpine venues in Pyeongchang. Doppelmayr succeeded in winning all four invitations to tender for the new ropeway installations and delivered them all exactly on schedule: one detachable 8-passenger gondola lift and three detachable quad chairlifts.  The top partnership with the Austrian Olympic Committee (ÖOC), which was recently extended until 2022, is a reflection of the company’s commitment to deliver peak performance and to support the sport at international level.


Success factor employees

In the 2016/2017 financial year, headcount was increased to 2,720 employees worldwide. The Hohe Brücke office expresses the company’s commitment to its home base in Wolfurt. June 2017 saw the completion of the building complex and the transfer of some 450 employees to the new site. The new premises are also symbolic of the value attached to the work performed by each and every individual and the contribution made toward the good bottom line. Training and development is a major focus, with a record 103 young people currently undergoing apprentice training in Wolfurt alone – the highest number in the company’s history.


Good prospects for the years ahead

The Doppelmayr Group continues to be very active in the international arena and can look forward to some sensational projects in the new business year. New challenges bring new developments and technical innovations. Being at the cutting edge of technology, thinking one step ahead and wowing customers with a pioneering spirit are goals which the company will continue to pursue without compromise in the future.



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2016/2017 (Apr 1 – Mar 31)

2015/2016 (Apr 1 – Mar 31)

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EUR 801 million

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