Turnover increased by 18,6 percent to 581 million EUR

During the financial year 2005/2006, the Doppelmayr Group increased sales by nearly 20 percent to 581 million Euro and has clearly maintained its position as the worldwide number 1 in the ropeway construction market. With 2223 employees, a total of 180 ropeway projects were realised. The net income during the past financial year amounted to 7,7 million Euro (previous year 4,6 million Euro). The core markets of the Doppelmayr Group remain the European alpine countries and North America. The Group achieved a considerable boost in the up-and-coming markets in Eastern, Central and Southern Europe thanks to intensive groundwork.


Worldwide leader

Doppelmayr has been able to take advantage of the boom in the global ropeway market thanks to more competitive products and worldwide presence in all segments of the market and remains the undisputed world market leader. Austria with 16% accounts for the largest portion of sales; nevertheless, business in terms of new installations in Austria has declined for the second year running. In contrast, France has increased its demand for new installations - in France as well as in Italy and Switzerland, the Doppelmayr Group has succeeded in distinctly increasing turnover. The North American market has stabilised at a relatively high level. The markets in Eastern, South-Eastern and Central Europe increased considerably and have made a significant contribution to the excellent Group results.


Innovative leadership strengthened

With spectacular "world firsts" such as the "Riesenräder" (Ferris wheels) in St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria, Doppelmayr's innovative and technological leadership in the industry has increased impressively. During the period under report, 180 challenging and spectacular ropeway projects were realised - among them such notable installations as the Cable Liner Shuttle for the largest airport in Canada or trend-setting material transport systems.


High investment volume

Investments during the financial year 2005/2006 amounted to 26 million Euro (previous year 16 million Euro). The largest investments were made in the "Hohe Brücke" plant in Wolfurt as well as in the construction of the new building for a plant in Stetten, Lower Austria. The investments in the "Hohe Brücke" plant focussed mainly on the further improvement of quality and capacity, while in Stetten the optimum handling of Central and Eastern European markets was the main aim.


124 new jobs

Ropeways are technically sophisticated systems that constantly have to be adapted in keeping with the latest technological developments as well as with internationally valid standards and consumer and safety requirements. Accordingly, the complexity and requirements in terms of employee qualifications also increase. The Group meets this challenge with factual and structural adaptation of basic and advanced training measures throughout the entire value chain.

The number of employees in the Group increased by almost 6% from 2099 in 2005 to 2223 in 2006. The aim of the future-oriented personnel policy is to further develop the technological, innovative and quality leadership of the Group.


Confidence for the current financial year

Due to the still stiff price competition and high energy and raw materials prices, it is difficult to compensate for cost increases owing to the influence of inflation by price rises on the market. Thanks to the permanent optimisation of productivity simultaneous with increased flexibility, the Doppelmayr Group is well primed. The order situation and capacity utilisation in the current year is very good, and the incoming orders for the coming financial year give every occasion for confidence.


  2005/2006 2004/2005
Turnover 581,0 Mio. EUR 489,7 Mio. EUR
Employees worldwide
of those in Austria
Doppelmayr Holding AG
Executive Board
Ing. Michael Doppelmayr
Hanno Ulmer

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