Following a complete overhaul that took just over a year, the popular Ulriksbanen aerial tramway in Bergen now shines in a new splendor. Between the existing lower and upper terminals, a modern tramway has been created that brings visitors up to Mount Ulriken in just 4.5 minutes. The official opening of the new installation was celebrated on October 9, 2021.


With its perfect location in the heart of Fjord Norway, the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bergen makes the ideal starting point for tourists. Bergen is also referred to as the “city between seven mountains”. As of yesterday, hikers, tourists and day-trippers can reach the highest of these seven mountains with a cutting-edge aerial tramway from Doppelmayr/Garaventa.


Full modernization after 60 years
The Ulriksbanen tramway in Bergen has been carrying passengers up to Mount Ulriken and back down to the valley since February 26, 1961. After 60 years of service, the popular tramway has now been fully modernized. Back in 2009, Doppelmayr/Garaventa already completed a rebuild of the drive and control system on the installation. The go-ahead for the construction of a new aerial tramway was given in June 2020. The new installation went into service on September 26, 2021, following a 15-month construction period. Three portal towers were created to replace the four original towers. This made it possible to leave the existing stations unchanged despite the narrow rope gauge.


Increased capacity for Perle & Bruse
Visitors who ride on the Ulriksbanen, climb 505 vertical meters over a length of 1,126 meters during the trip from Bergen up to Mount Ulriken. Waiting times are now a thing of the past as the new tramway can carry up to 670 passengers an hour. In addition, visitors can look forward to the new 50-passenger cabins (three times the capacity of the old cabins), which look resplendent in a shining red and yellow. As before, the cabins are dedicated to the Norwegian mascot of the Hansa Perle & Bruse brand. Amanda Haugland, CEO of Ulriken643, is excited about the fully modernized tramway: “I can hardly wait to see Perle & Bruse carrying our passengers up to our local mountain again.”



Reversible aerial tramway Ulriksbanen, Bergen

Customer: Ulriken643
Inclined length: 1.126 m
Vertical rise: 505 m
Capacity: 670 passengers per hour and direction
Operating Speed: 8.5 m/s
Carriers: 2x 50-passenger cabins
Opened: 10/2021



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