Innovative amusement ride for the Walibi attraction park in Belgium

At the beginning of June, Input Projektentwicklungs GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group, put the world's first Mountain Glider in the Walibi attraction park near Brussels, Belgium into operation. This pioneering innovation by Doppelmayr is a novel adventure ride which can be erected on the mountain and in amusement parks alike. The contracting parties agreed not to disclose the order volume.

The Walibi attraction park near Brussels, Belgium, now has another new attraction - the world's first Mountain Glider. The new attraction runs under the fine-sounding name of "Vertigo".

On the version designed for Walibi, visitors are transported by an elevator to the top of a 55 m high launching tower and fly from there over the park via curves, slide sections and so-called corkscrews with acceleration forces of up to 3 G. The world's first Mountain Glider has a total length of 700 m, a maximum speed of approximately 70 km/h and can transport up to 800 passengers per hour.

Client Walibi attraction park, Brussels, Belgium
Height of launching tower 55 m
Total length 722 m
Max. Speed approx. 70 km/h
Carriers 8 carriers for 4 passengers each
Trip time 94 seconds
Capacity 800 Persons/hour



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