Serfaus and Doppelmayr realise a new family lift "Gampen"

In Serfaus, in the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis skiing resort in Tyrol, Doppelmayr and the resort operator of Serfaus could set a mile stone in the transportation of children: Various measures, such as a special restraining bar that opens and locks automatically, make falling from the chair impossible. Due to the numerous safety precautions, the family lift Gampen is the first to have the approval by the authorities to transport seven children of a minimum height of 90 cm with only one adult accompanying them.

Serfaus has been known for its child and family-friendly character for a long time. A new mile stone was set for the season start of 2008/2009 by opening the new family lift Gampen: The 700 meter long detachable chairlift for 8 passengers was specifically adapted for transport of children. It is the only 8-seater chairlift to be used by 7 children of at least 90 cm of height with only one adult accompanying them. Normally, law requires one adult per child of a height of under 125 cm. The chairs – that are also comfortable for adults – were accordingly inspected and approved by the Austrian TÜV. This presents a special alleviation for ski schools.

In close cooperation between the team of Serfaus, the ski school Serfaus and Doppelmayr this world novelty was developed. Several new measures that have partially been applied for a patent combine to ensure an even safer transportation of children:

  • Double restraining bars with a reduced distance between the chair and the restraining bar.
  • The restraining bars open and close automatically and cannot be opened on the line.
  • Skippies are mounted that are positioned between the child's legs and protect them even better against slipping out.
  • Special colouration, design and division of the seats to allow "automatic" finding of the correct sitting position.
  • Reduced travel speed in the loading and unloading area.
  • A loading carpet adjustable in height facilitates the loading process. It is equipped with height detection and raises according to the passenger's height.
  • Reduced loading and unloading height in the top and bottom station.


"Due to the close cooperation on a partnership basis of Serfaus and Doppelmayr, all expectations could be fulfilled a hundred percent." (Peter Hintner, project responsible at Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH)

Factbox: 8-CLD-B-S familiy lift „Gampen"

Ropeway system

Detachable 8-seater chairlift


Bubbles, upholstery, seat heating


674 m


3000 passengers per hour

Vertical rise

140 m

Travel speed

5 m/s (= 18 km/h)

Travel time

3 min

Number of chairs


Number of towers


Chair parking

Dead-end rail parking system in the basement of the bottom station

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