Following a construction phase lasting barely a year, the completely modernized Lünersee tramway now shines in a new splendor. Between the walls of the upper and lower terminals, a modern ropeway has been created, which carries visitors up the mountain and back to the base at 10 meters per second. The new tram goes into service on August 8.


Like most ropeways, the Lünerseebahn was built during the course of constructing a power plant. The construction of a ropeway to provide access to a building site and transport materials to the Lünersee (Lüner Lake) was originally commissioned in the early 1950s by the power company then known as Vorarlberger Illwerke. Once the building work was completed, the installation was adapted for public passenger transport.


Concession expired
Since June 22, 1959, the single-track reversible aerial tramway had reliably carried mountain-loving sports and nature enthusiasts as well as day-trippers up the mountain and back to the base. “After 60 years, the concession for the old tram had expired so we had to think about the future of the installation. There were various options on the table – ultimately, we decided on this type of modernization,” says Markus Burtscher, managing director of Golm Silvretta Lünersee Tourismus GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of illwerke vkw AG.


Greater wind stability, higher capacity
After opting for a complete overhaul of the old tramway, the green light for the construction of the new Lünerseebahn was given in September 2019. This led to the creation of a completely new installation within a net construction period of 8 months. “Only the buildings of the upper and lower terminals were retained from the old tramway. In the interests of sustainability, we were keen to use the existing structures,” explains project manager Gernot Burtscher. The drive for the tramway built by the world market leader Doppelmayr/Garaventa is located in the upper terminal. “Two track ropes in place of one now ensure significantly enhanced wind stability. Needless to say, that’s a big help in view of the fact that you sometimes get particularly strong winds in the mountains,” adds operations manager Roland Schallert. The ropes are almost 5 centimeters in diameter and weigh in at around 32 tons. The two original towers have been replaced by a taller single steel structure rising up 28 meters. An entirely new feature is the cabin, which can now carry 65 passengers (instead of the previous 40) and incorporates two windows in the floor as a particular highlight.


Riding as fast as the wind
The new tram enables up to 475 passengers an hour to climb the 411 vertical meters from the head of the valley up to the Lünersee. Once at the top, the stunning mountain panorama wows everyone who visits the natural treasure that was voted the most picturesque spot in Austria in October 2019. “Modernizing the Lünersee tram was an exciting task. Having your workplace at one of Austria’s most stunning locations was an added bonus for our teams,” says Gerhard Gassner, managing director of Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH. Judith Grass, the recently appointed managing director of the operating company GSL Tourismus, is also delighted: “We’re very pleased that our visitors can now finally ride up the mountain again. From the upper terminal, you have access to a fantastic hiking area that has something to offer to suit every taste, from the exhilarating summit experience to a leisurely trek around the lake.”


Focus on health for visitors and personnel
The official opening ceremony has been postponed for the time being due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Health protection measures will be in place for visitors and personnel when the tram goes into service on August 8. Until further notice, a maximum of 40 passengers will be permitted per trip – face coverings must be worn in the cabin, as is the case when using all public transport.


Technical Specifications


 Customer: illwerke vkw AG

Brand (Austria)

 Inclined length: 893 m
 Vertical rise: 411 m
 Capacity: 475 passengers per hour and direction
 Carriers: 1 65-passenger cabins
 Speed: 10.0 m/s
 Trip time: approx. 2.7 min


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