For 35 youngsters, September 3, 2018 saw the action-packed launch of their apprenticeships at Doppelmayr. Before setting off on their training path at the new Doppelmayr apprentice workshop at the Hohe Brücke site, they first took part in a varied program of activities on their induction day on Golm. Over the coming years, the apprentices will be acquiring the skills and knowledge in the various metal and electrical trades that are required for ropeway construction around the globe.


From the early days of the company, Doppelmayr has always attached great importance to the training of young people. Over the course of its history, the company has had three apprentice workshops in Wolfurt. The fourth has now been installed at Hohe Brücke, which is also the site of the new office complex and the group’s biggest production facility. It is here that the apprentices will learn everything they need to know about metal processing and electrical engineering that they will later apply in ropeway construction.


But before the 33 boys and two girls headed for the new apprentice workshop, they spent a memorable induction day on Golm. A wide range of activities aimed at enabling the youngsters to get to know each other and familiarize themselves with the different trades as well as Doppelmayr as a company made for an impressive introduction to the world of work.


The apprenticeships on offer at Doppelmayr cover the trades required in ropeway construction: steel construction, electrical engineering, mechatronics, machining engineering, metal treatment engineering, mechanical engineering and information technology. The apprentices get to work on real-life contracts at an early stage, whether it’s on surface lifts, aerial ropeways for urban environments or high-capacity material transport solutions. Doppelmayr’s product portfolio is as varied as the apprentice training itself. As of September 2018, the company is training 107 apprentices in Wolfurt.


The training program at Doppelmayr is based on a rotation system, where apprentices get to know different departments and sections, enabling them to find out where their strengths lie, where they can make optimal use of their skills and what they like doing. At the same time, the instructors can then pinpoint where to promote these skills and talents. They have prepared themselves for the responsible role as instructors by undergoing technical and teaching courses. The combination of these many years of experience and modern technology as well as a great spirit of innovation ensures that Doppelmayr apprentices can look forward to excellent career prospects. The international environment in which the company operates opens up exciting opportunities for the future. For many of today’s employees, an apprenticeship at Doppelmayr laid the foundation for a rewarding career with the world market leader in ropeway construction.


Doppelmayr will again be taking on apprentices for next year. Anyone interested in starting their training with Doppelmayr can contact the apprentice training department by telephone on +43 5574/604-1059 or email to Between mid-January and late March 2019, apprenticeship taster days will be offered for school students. Online registration for these events starts now on the Doppelmayr apprentice website:



Facts and figures on apprentice training at Doppelmayr:


35 new apprentices in 2018


  • 11 in metal engineering (steel construction engineering)
  • 5 in metal engineering (mechanical engineering)
  • 5 in metal engineering (machining engineering)
  • 4 in metal treatment engineering
  • 2 in mechatronics (automation engineering)
  • 8 in electrical engineering (systems and industrial engineering)


Total of 107 apprentices in the program (status September 2018)


  • 9 female apprentices
  • 98 male apprentices





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