Doppelmayr has completed a major new ropeway attraction in Busan, the second largest city in the Republic of Korea. Busan Air Cruise runs above the sea and provides access from the city to a leisure park and a fascinating viewing point. The detachable 10-passenger gondola lift crosses Songdo Bay in the southeast of the country – and incorporates two towers that stand directly in the sea. The official opening ceremony was held on June 20, 2017.


The gondola lift, Busan Air Cruise, is a brand-new eye-catcher in Busan, the Republic of Korea’s second city after its capital, Seoul. Located at Songdo Beach, a mere three kilometers from the downtown Busan, the new ropeway provides access to a leisure park and a magnificent viewing point across the bay. For Doppelmayr, this installation marks a special accomplishment as two of the gondola lift’s towers have been built in the sea. This unusual location enables visitors to enjoy spectacular views during the trip. Some of the cabins have even been designed with glass floors.


The area around Songdo Beach in Busan has ranked among the most popular tourist destinations in the Republic of Korea for decades. The name “Songdo” means pine island and is a reference to the local flora. In the summer, Songdo Beach is particularly popular with city dwellers wishing to escape from the urban routine. The new gondola lift provides an attraction as well as a means of transport. It is aimed at boosting the attractiveness of the region and offers an unforgettable experience for tourists and local residents alike.


The inauguration ceremony for the new ropeway took place on June 20, 2017. Busan Air Cruise is the first project that Doppelmayr has completed with the customer, Daewon Plus. Passenger safety and comfort take top priority for the customer as well as for Doppelmayr. It goes without saying that the proven recovery system developed by Doppelmayr has been incorporated in the Busan Air Cruise installation.


Songdo Doppelmayr World opened in Busan to coincide with the inauguration. Here, visitors can experience the world of ropeways and discover the history of ropeway technology. The interactive and instructive offering and the wide range of exhibits will ensure an informative and fascinating visit for guests of all ages.





Technical Specifications:

10-MGD Busan Air Cruise

Daewon Plus Construction Co., Ltd
Location: Songdo, Busan-City (KOR)
Inclined length: 1,645 m
Vertical rise: 54 m
Capacity: 1,400 PPH
5.0 m/s
Carriers: 39 10-passenger cabins, incl. 13 with glass floors
Opened: June 20, 2017




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